Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Picture Of You.

Looking left, looking right
all what i see is your smile...and your beautiful face.
Years have passed away as if it was yesterday
maybe it is because of your pictures, they have a powerful effect on my inner being.

Someone told me once to forget about my past and live my present,
to remove all those frames and to live a new life.
I could not detach myself from seeing you every morning and looking at you before i go to bed,
I could not take of those frames and memories collected through years...

Then i told him how can i give up sincere and unforgettable good old days?
Am I living a better "today"? I realized that everything fades except your memories
and what if it is the memory of your beloved one.

Pure pleasure, yes it is a mental pleasure to look at your picture and to remember...
Each one takes me back in time and space...sometimes it hurts!
Where are you now? What are you up to? I always ask myself when i look at them.
Deep inside I feel that you are connected with my heart and soul and asking the same...

Wherever you are, your pictures are my cure, they do console me in my loneliness
and especially when i miss you!

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