Thursday, October 23, 2014

And I saw you again...

I thought I will forget
I thought time will ease my pain...
And that was true
I had taken a break and rested my soul
Of thinking of you
I stayed away and drifted my thoughts...
I was almost recovering from the pain of not having you,
Of not seeing you,
Of not touching you...
I started to get used to be alone surviving without you
Until...I saw you again.

And here we are again, crossed arms, connected
And very much connected.
Your smell arouse all the old memories
Memories I thought they had vanished,
Moments that were really cherished. ?.
They all came back to surface
Clear, vivid and strong.

You came back into my life by chance
You gave me back my soul
You lightened up my sky
And you made me alive again.
I don't care if I will loose you again or not
All I care about right now
Is that you are in my arms and feeling
Your heartbeat next to mine.

So glad to see you agaib
Just want to enjoy the moment
And kill the time.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Daydreaming and thinking of you
Haven't heard from you and that kills me
Scared till death if something might have happened to you. ?.

Where are you my love
Where are you now
I just close my eyes just to remember you
And how we used to be...

Never thought things might end
Never expected we will be drifted apart
And that cruel way

Scared of loosing you
The idea drives me insane
How can I overcome it
How can I be able not to see your face everyday

You killed me again
You killed me hundred of times
But this was fatal.!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Thinking of you
Remembering you
And feeling that you will not be there anymore....
The thought of not seeing you again
Simply kills me.
So early
So soon
You abandoned me
Love no longer exists
You took it away
You...took the best part of me with you.
Just if you know how much I miss you
To feel you, to touch you and to hold you tight
All is gone and game is over
Will miss you much.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Ending an Affair.,.

Heartbeats overspeed,
Soul feels like burning..,
Deep sorrow eating me from the inside,
Regrets and clouds fill my thoughts,

How awful to loose a loved one,
How disturbing to loose a habit,
How much it hurts to kill in your hands
Your love affair that you built and cherished...

Breathing became hard, sleeping became impossible
Why...because of you.
All my thoughts became filled with your picture,
Your face, your smile, your voice...
I forgot to sleep, I even forgot to dream,
I just waited for you to return.

But here comes the time to say goodbye,
To end everything and to destroy our palace
Of love, lust and passion...

You killed me twice, I was reborn again
Let me save my third life...
Let me live not in your shadows...
Let me be...

Goodbye my love, goodbye my pleasures,
I end it now as if it never happened.
Full stop,

Monday, April 21, 2014

Like a candle...

Here comes the night again...
Alone...just lying in bed
Thinking of you.

Can't stop thinking of you
Imagining you everywhere...
It's like the candle
Became a melting candle,
Yes. Because of you.

And I ask myself again
Am I going to see you again
And hold you tight in my arms...

Here the wind blowing...
The candle light fading away...
All dark, all quiet and just the memory of you
Keeps me awakw.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Again time has come to say goodbye,
Time has come to be separated
How can I overcome the emptiness
How can I stay without you...

Counting the days left
I feel breathless
Seeing your suitcase in the hallway,
That kills me.

Am I going to see you again
Maybe yes...maybe no
But in both cases,
I must get used to live without you.