Wednesday, February 1, 2012


How painful your memory became!
How much it hurts to recall those good old days and how we used to be!
I still remember you, our talks, laughs and how dear you were.
Those special years spent together suddenly disappeared in one minute, Is that possible!
Loosing all what we had, all what we built, the trust, the love and everything we shared.
That really hurts deep inside and feels like a sword cutting my veins.
Though I still remember you and cherich all what we had…
All the thoughts of you keep me with just a smile.
I try to avoid those memories, not to fall in the trap of sorrow, pain and regrets
Let it all be gone …But all those years, were they in vain?
We used to be lovers now complete starngers, we shared thousands of things together, now nothing connects us together..not even a dream.
Here I am again with a frozen heart and a tear in my eye
Holding your picture in that frame and burning in the fire of those memories!