Tuesday, October 25, 2011

48 minutes in Heaven!

Not until my eyes met yours and I almost felt a paralysis all over my body
Looking straight in the eyes turned me down as a breathless prey
How could I resist such a charm and look at a heavenly sculptured being!
Felt real heaven by touching you...I really did
I counted those few minutes in your presence
Counted those unforgettable moments of joy, pleasure and pain knowing they will end
i cheriched every inch i caressed in your body, still remember your velvet skin
Sweet smell and tender lips…you were nothing but a little piece of paradise
A sacred place where everythiung is totally divine.
How could everything be that perfect? How could such a thing be so real?
Was it a dream? No, it was you! A goddess of beauty and a shiny star fallen from the skies.
Cannot take you out of my head, am closing my eyes just to be taken back in time and space to be again with you and enjoy another 48 mintes even if it is only in my mind.