Thursday, October 23, 2014

And I saw you again...

I thought I will forget
I thought time will ease my pain...
And that was true
I had taken a break and rested my soul
Of thinking of you
I stayed away and drifted my thoughts...
I was almost recovering from the pain of not having you,
Of not seeing you,
Of not touching you...
I started to get used to be alone surviving without you
Until...I saw you again.

And here we are again, crossed arms, connected
And very much connected.
Your smell arouse all the old memories
Memories I thought they had vanished,
Moments that were really cherished. ?.
They all came back to surface
Clear, vivid and strong.

You came back into my life by chance
You gave me back my soul
You lightened up my sky
And you made me alive again.
I don't care if I will loose you again or not
All I care about right now
Is that you are in my arms and feeling
Your heartbeat next to mine.

So glad to see you agaib
Just want to enjoy the moment
And kill the time.