Friday, May 2, 2014

Ending an Affair.,.

Heartbeats overspeed,
Soul feels like burning..,
Deep sorrow eating me from the inside,
Regrets and clouds fill my thoughts,

How awful to loose a loved one,
How disturbing to loose a habit,
How much it hurts to kill in your hands
Your love affair that you built and cherished...

Breathing became hard, sleeping became impossible
Why...because of you.
All my thoughts became filled with your picture,
Your face, your smile, your voice...
I forgot to sleep, I even forgot to dream,
I just waited for you to return.

But here comes the time to say goodbye,
To end everything and to destroy our palace
Of love, lust and passion...

You killed me twice, I was reborn again
Let me save my third life...
Let me live not in your shadows...
Let me be...

Goodbye my love, goodbye my pleasures,
I end it now as if it never happened.
Full stop,

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